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Smart Beds

Furnish small spaces, effectively using every corner!

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What is smart beds?

Smartbeds is a line of furniture, in which you will find all the artisan quality of Made in Italy, combined with innovation and research continues, to guarantee products that are always at the top, able to satisfy the most varied needs of modern living. ​

Our products

The furniture industry must meet The problem of rational use of small living spaces is ever increasing. It is primarily a question of obtaining useful volumes in spaces not usually used by traditional furniture. To increase capacity without reducing free space, solutions have been studied over time, such as sofa beds and bed bases foldable, they are valid for dealing with emergencies, but which do not correspond to the needs of daily use, because

they are generally uncomfortable and impractical. are designed to face these problems, that is, reflecting more on the quality of everyday


than on emergencies! Our products are therefore designed to respect

these characteristics: safety and reliability, simplicity of use, comfort, modularity, aesthetics,


saving. The validity of Smartbeds products finds an excellent response also in the hotel, university, naval, hospitality and community sectors. Commitment, technological research, and collaboration with the best designers will continue to develop furniture over the next few years with the concept of making people live well and comfortably even in small spaces.

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