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CURTAINS? Pergotentas are structures mainly represented by windproof curtains, which therefore allow anyone to be able to experience the outdoor space in all seasons, create a relaxing corner or increase the surface of their home. The pergotende are 100% customizable, according to your needs, perhaps adding windproof curtains also on the side spaces. Thanks therefore to our professionalism, we will be able to guarantee our customers quality and savings. The windproof curtains allow you to hermetically isolate the space, and therefore even in the event of rain, snow or even hail, nothing will be able to enter. Contact us for a detailed quote, or for more information.

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Why choose a pergola?

The main reason for which many people decide to install a pergola is the desire to create a new room, fully usable 365 days a year. At the same time, d It is elegance and importance to the environment in which it is inserted, for example in a garden, or on a terrace.

take advantage of your balcony

more, with the new windproof curtains!


In case you want make the most of a balcony, perhaps as an external laundry, as a storage room, or just as a real room, the windproof and rainproof


are for you! Our solutions allow you to insulate your balcony, in a resistant and guaranteed way , with the option of inserting a double roller 'SUMMER-WINTER ': in summer, the plexiglass cover is raised, and an awning or a mosquito

net is lowered. All this can be customized according


your needs! All our solutions guarantee an airtight cover a 100%, so even if there is a strong storm outside, the windproof tents will withstand without problems! Contact us now or come and visit us for more information!

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